06 April 2024

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Karsten Riise
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The World Today - and Tomorrow
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Quick News
Putin managing vastly better
The West, Russia, Ukraine - and history of Ukrainian Nazism
Consequences of Ukraine Invasion
Pathetic European Weapons Industry
The Business of Tension
Who will save the US government?
Rien ne va plus !
China surrounds the USA

Sea Change For US-Israel

Bad Developments For US Chip Dreams

What Happened To GE ?

Russia Winning Future Nuclear Arms Race

AI Worse Than Dotcom

AI Bubble

Escalation to
World Conflict

US Hitting the Brick Wall

US Humiliated by a Chip

US Losing Strategy - Desperate

China Bridging the
Future of Chips

The Living History of
US Dictatorships

Political Change in the Ukraine War

AI to Take 12 Million Jobs

The US at War with China

US Loss of Culture Power

Fizzling NATO
Bets On Technology

NATO Unwittingly Defines
The New European Order

Russia's Success

China's Leadership Failure

Increasing Sanctions
Until China Breaks

From Washington To Moscow And Back

AI Will Enable Some People To
Control The World
Podcast with Karsten Riise
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It Worked Perfectly

AI Will Help You Learn ALL

China Needs to Wake Up

Biden For More Years

Big - Bigger - AI

3-5 Years To Boil China

US Took The Initiative Over China

Sinking Zelensky

US Next Steps On China

US Plan For China

AI More Powerful Than Ukraine And Taiwan

AI = US Strategic Win

US and AI Taking Over

The Circus of the West

US Leaving Everyone Behind In AI

China Internationalizing The Yuan

The Post-Ukraine
World Order

AI = Fastest Growing Application EVER

Ghana Becomes Shame of Africa

Recolonizing and Corrupting Africa

Learn AI

AI To Give US Strategic Lead

Full Speed on AI

Billions to Western Industry

US Reaches For A Pause Button Which Doesn’t Work

China Losing the Space Race

Wagner Getting New Boss - For Real ?

West To Drown In Chips

US Quixotic Chip War

Reality Touching Australia

Costs of Decoupling

Counteroffensive NEVER Coming

A Metric For US Hegemony

US Hegemony Still Reigns !

Worst Nightmares Coming

Try AI For Yourself

EU Wants War With China

Grim Outlook for Ukraine

The US Starting To Chicken

China Forcing Change
On Israel

The Idiocy of US
Chips Policy

How the Pentagon "Leak" Works

US In Denial About

US Space Dominance

Disaster of
US Cargo Cult

Ruins of Western Power

Pentagon Leak Reveals Empire of Lies

Watching Ukraine Go Down

Western Crisis to Worsen

No Hope For Ukraine

Translating China's Message to France and the EU

Facts In Illegitimate Case Against Trump

Illegitimate Legal System Against Trump

China-Russia Deepen Military Cooperation

The Lack of Future for G20

India Must Assume Authority Now - for G20

Clear Path to Victory

Preparing Americans For War With Russia

Bodanov - Dictator In Kiev

US Nightmare = GERMANY-Russia-China

China Plays With US Minds

IMF Inaugurs
New World Order

From De-Dollarization to
US Break-Down

US Losing Power - Giving Nukes to S.Korea

Scholz Under Pressure

"Expansion of the Scale of Tasks"

Musk's House of Cards

US Wants to Grab
the Moon's Resources

A New World

NATO is Powerless

Biden Preparing to Invade Ukraine

The Fall of Germany

Russia Has Also Won Over NATO

Russia Has Won

Ukrainian Perspective
On 2023

Russia Changing East Asia

BRICS-AI Diplomacy

Russia's Secret 2nd Mobilization

Watch Out For
Giorgia Meloni

Economic Collapse Threatens the EU Too

EU Crisis

EU losing Europe

Scenario for Russia

Who Wins ?

Ukraine winning this game?
The Mobilization Game

Who has the stronger shoulders ?
Burden of War

Can Ukraine Draft 1,000,000
More Soldiers?

Enough ? In time ??

Is Russia willing to carry this out ?
How Russia Wins

Needs a much bigger plan
Gap in Russian Planning

What Ukraine is about
World Order Duality

The Most Important Thing Always and Everywhere is Economic Development

Will this be averted ?
End of Russia

Russia's leadership trajectory
Russia's Path

Russia Decides

Ukraine Experience

Ukraine Trench Warfare

WW I in Ukraine

Ukrainian Death Camp

US and UK Orchestrating Murder of Daria Dugina and Western Media Response

Russia's Naval Delusions

The Porcupine Delusion
Taipei - ½ Year
US thought Kabul would hold forever. That was February 2021, just ½ year ago.
US today thinks Taipei can hold forever. That may last only ½ year too.
Meng Wanzhou free
After nearly 3 years as a US hostage, Meng Wanzhou was set free 25 September 2021.

US Pacific Break-Down

China-US Game

China has Lost Patience
with the USA

Coming War on Taiwan

USA is Checkmate

Biden is losing
China-US Balance

... will help the USA

China's PLA Navy

and Australian Submarines

End of US Empire

What the US Created
Upon Itself

American Citizens,
Keep Your Firearms

NATO = House of Cards

India's Future Navy

Is Zelensky the new South Vietnamese President Diem ?

Russia War Plan v.3.0

Milton Friedman - We need You

Biden's white White House

Trumpism - the Vast Influence

US Money Collapse

Message of 9 May 2022

Why Attacks on Tucker ?

NATO's Plan in Ukraine

F-16 to Ukraine ?

War in Finland

Ukraine Heading for Disaster

Ukraine - Russia - and Atlanticism

Who is Aleksandr Dugin ?

Finland and NATO

World Order

Lazy Russia

Russia's Coming Offensive
in Donbas

Breaking Through

Will Putin survive ?

Russia Spearheading a New
World Order

Don't Bet on Ukraine

Just Published in India
Russia-China World Order - India's Choice
Published by Usanas Foundation

Russia Forward

Published by Russia International Affairs Council - RIAC
Discussing Russia and the World

Published by Russia International Affairs Council - RIAC
End of Diplomacy?
Or a Toast for the Swedish Masters?

Baltic Sarajevo
Because of NATO

What sanctions?

Biden Suicidal

History Returning in Ukraine

Likely What's Next in Ukraine

US Info and Disinfo

Why not?

Will - Will not - Will
Lack of Foresight and Planning May be Russia's Undoing

Ukraine and Russia
History Matters
Published by Usanas Foundation

Russia's Risky Choice

US Strategy on Russia

Russia in Misery

If Russia Bows


Use It - or Lose It

Russia Humiliated

Bluff ?

Russia in the Woods

Russia is a Loser

Russia Thwarted?

Calendar 1Q 2022
Russia China

Window for Peace

There is no Painless Solution

US - Losing to Italy

Reconstructing the USA

Biden's Work
Biden = dead fish

US off the Cliff

US Tsunami

Collapsing USA

Build a Media Empire
... or Fill the Toilet?

Trump Online

Trump's Challenge

Trump's Big Move Online

Pakistan's Opportunities
Published by RIAC
The Russian International Affairs Council

The Great Shift

Nations and Capital
The Missing Link in Global Expansion

New book by Dr. Zlatko Hadžidedić. Nationalism is one of the drivers in the Complex World Order. Zlatko is director of the Center for Nationalism Studies in Sarajevo and a foremost scholar of Nationalism.

Key Turning-point Illustrating
The Complex World Order

Trump Media
A new Theater of Power in the
Complex World Order

What is Complexity - in the World Order?
The World Order replacing US hegemony

The Complex World Order
What World Order replaces US hegemony?

Research paper by Karsten Riise published by the Russian International Affairs Council

Thoughts on India
Published by Usanas Foundation

India and China-Pakistan

India Needs Deep Adjustments
Published by Usanas Foundation

US Hegemony Ends by Seppuku
Pt.1 - Published by Usanas Foundation

US Hegemony Ends by Seppuku
Pt.2 - Published by Usanas Foundation

India's Options Beyond the Quad
Pt.1 - Published by Usanas Foundation

India's Options Beyond the Quad
Pt.2 - Published by Usanas Foundation

South Asia - Africa

Su-35 over F-35

India, China - and Pakistan

Facilitates Regional Integration


Future of Afghanistan
Afghanistan Intelligence Report
26 August 2021

Afghanistan Intelligence Report
20 August 2021

Keep Trading with Afghanistan
Afghanistan Intelligence Report
16 August 2021

Afghanistan Intelligence Report
13 August 2021

Afghan Transition
Afghanistan Intelligence Report
3 August 2021

Preserve Afghanistan's

Kabul has Fallen

Afghanistan Intelligence Report
25 June 2021

1975 Spring Offensive

Prepare for post-war

Taliban future Governance
of Afghanistan

How to Proceed in

EU Defense Preparations

Thoughts on US Friendship

US collapse
Israel is Left to Hold the Can

US collapse Act 2
The Middle East

No Wonder...

Neocons today

US needs to be better
Back Home

The Dagger Stab
myth coming

US Financial Future

US Inflation - Spiral Down

Biden Playing
with Matches

Trump 2024

US Apartheid

Nobody Cares About the USA

Global Space Infrastructure

Key to Africa Hi-Speed development
Africa Aviation

The Moral Level is Superior

China must understand that the USA is not needed to defeat China.

CPC 100

China has a Lot to Learn

USA - not leading Anything
Juneteenth is a day for Reflection

Biden's Defeat in Geneva

Biden's game-plan

Piecing NATO together

The USA Lost

China - Excuse for
US Control

Handwriting in Israel

Defund the Israeli Military

Why Biden's Big Plans
Will Fail

USA Self-Perception

End of Biden

Biden = Conman

Garden of
American Heroes

The USA Losing
The Tech-Race

The archetypical (brainless)
US Presidential action

US Breakdown

Biden To Take USA into a
Perfect Storm

8-Wheel Military
Doctrine Needed


Upheaveals in Beirut resemble "color revolutions" organised by the USA.

Read background analysis

The West knew the danger. Was it an "accident"?

Critical view on explosion

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